Cya all... NG

2013-08-29 13:33:06 by MichoMen

As you may 've already seen, I'm going to leave NG and go back to SC. This non-profit spam is point less. I may get back later as "RedNexus". Go ahead and check my I will still check my NG for new info or messages. And remeber... Me.

Cya all... NG


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2013-08-29 13:47:11

"Non-profit spam"?

MichoMen responds:

It means that I was uploading a lot of songs but only 3 people listened to them. You know what I mean, right? On SC theres more highlight up on everything.


2013-08-29 17:10:19

I am sorry, but who cares?

MichoMen responds:

This message was directed to people who follow me. If you don't care why do you even stole your time by writing this. What is your point for writing this type of comments?


2013-08-29 17:17:27

Ah ok. Yeah, hope you get more listens elsewhere.

MichoMen responds:

Thank you, sir.


2013-08-29 17:21:12

You guys can also give me some support, like share some of my songs or something. I would appreciate that. Thank you.


2013-08-29 19:54:59

ummm good luck there :l

MichoMen responds:

Thank you.


2013-09-03 16:11:55

Cya mate, you can always spamm me I may give you some profit ;D

MichoMen responds:

Yeah, sure. I'll never leave ya with no info 'bout me mate! :D The mostly you and some othere guys were my profit! Newgrounds is cool page but you reach up really slow... I will come back here soon enough in other acc. ;)