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2014-07-16 17:55:01 by MichoMen

It's almost 100 followers on SC!

Cya all... NG

2013-08-29 13:33:06 by MichoMen

As you may 've already seen, I'm going to leave NG and go back to SC. This non-profit spam is point less. I may get back later as "RedNexus". Go ahead and check my SoundCloud.com. I will still check my NG for new info or messages. And remeber... Me.

Cya all... NG

Just finished my website functions and survey added.

Help us grow! (survey)

Just finished my website functions.

Hello USA!

2013-07-06 21:03:01 by MichoMen

Sup guys!


2013-07-03 08:51:53 by MichoMen

Today's afternoon (2013/07/03) im going to fly to USA!!! If you have any questions you can write it in comments. I'll be answering them to 7:00 PM. C YA!


Website uptade

2013-06-16 06:12:19 by MichoMen

Sorry guys but I had to update some stuff on my website!
(Now I'll do some videos for YT then I'll go back to uploading some new songs!

New songs will be on HQ HD and more "DAT BASS!" reactions ;D

MichoMen JJ Official Website


2013-06-01 13:38:13 by MichoMen

I'm going to upload new song tomorrow! Get ready for it!

Waiting? Listen to Rekoil - Astro Boy



2013-05-25 13:17:47 by MichoMen

Something BIG is comming out soon!

Waiting? Listen to this